Welcome to Restu Bahari

Offers a wide variety of fresh, frozen, dry and other supplies

We source our products from all over the world

Welcome to Restu Bahari

supply stocks a wide variety of tobacco, confectionery goods as well as perfumes and toiletries

Welcome to Restu Bahari

Concentrates mostly on delivering the right technical items with accuracy and professionaltic

so that it matches your needs end to end on time

About Restu Bahari

Restu Bahari is a company located in Indonesia, which is engaged in General supplier And Ship's Chandler and has more than 20 years of experience. Our stand-alone motto is to build long-term business relationships with our clients providing reliable, efficient and cost-effective supplies/services.

Great and experienced team

RESTU BAHARI has a strong professional and skilled team with appropriate field of knowledge and we are also determined to provide timely service to our customers. This makes us very competitive with world-class companies

The best ship supply companies

We are one of the best ship supply companies that actively perform services in all ports throughout Indonesia, therefore RESTU BAHARI will always fly its flag proudly in the marine industry as one of the experienced and most dedicated service providers.

The best quality products

RESTU BAHARI offers a wide range of fresh, frozen, dry and other food supplies. We source our products from all over the world, to ensure that cost efficiency and quality are always achieved.

Focus on marine services

RESTU BAHARI focuses on being the exclusive supplier for all types of marine vessels and logistics provider with end-to-end support and solutions.

Our Service

  • Fres & Dry Provision Stores
  • Bonded Stores
  • Deck,Cabin & Engine Stores
  • Lubricant Oil
  • Bunkers
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Other ship requirements

RESTU BAHARI has been recognized as a highly reputable supplier of vessels in Indonesia providing a wide range of shop supplies as mentioned above. Sourcing our products from around the world to ensure standards of quality and cost efficiency are always met. Our experienced supply managers are always on hand. Timely delivery regardless of side anchored vessel, Single Point Mooring or deep anchor coordinates.

Our Portofolio

General supplier And Ship's Chandler


General supplier And Ship's Chandler

Hery Andromeda

General Manager

Lipay Ahmed

Operasional Manager

Rizky Billar

Marketing Manager

Restu Ambiani

Finance Manager